Question: What kinds of snowmobiles do you have and how much do they cost?

  • Trail- Polaris\Ski-doo\Arctic Cat 121-136″ track 550&600-$179
  • Two- up trail sled  Polaris Axys Switchback and Polaris Touring Deluxe $209
  • Mountain – Polaris Pro RMK 155 $229  Axys Pro RMK 155 $259
Question: What do the rentals include?
Answer: The rental includes trailer with the purchase of two or more snowmobiles, machine, and helmet. (gloves and boots available upon request)
Question: What if I damage the machine?
Answer: The renter is responsible for all costs related to damage done during the rental period included, but not limited to: repair and loss of rental revenue. Snowmobile and ATV Rentals now offers the Renters Insurance Program. For a small fee, you may enroll in the renters insurance program that covers any damage to the machine during rental use by only paying a deductible. Please call for details.
Question: Does Snowmobile and ATV Rentals have accessories available for rent?
Answer: Yes. Snowmobile and ATV Rentals offers avalanche beacons for rent $10/day.
Question: Does Snowmobile and ATV Rentals deliver?
Answer: Yes. Snowmobile and ATV Rentals delivers to Caldwell at Grizzly Sports, Cougar Mountain Lodge, BirchGlen Lodge, and anywhere else within 10 miles of these locations for free. Snowmobile and ATV Rentals charges a $50 fuel surcharge and delivery fee each way for sled drop offs and pick ups more than 15 miles from our locations. The maximum delivery limit is 35 miles.
Question: Does Snowmobile and ATV Rentals offer training on rentals?
Answer: Yes. Snowmobile and ATV Rentals does a comprehensive safety training that starts at pickup Zone 30-min prior to leaving.
Question: Can I pick up the snowmobile the night before to ride early in the morning?
Answer: Yes, standard overnight fee of $35, we are flexible with multiple rentals.